• SOLVED Classes for Attendance/Gradebook not showing up in Pages Widget

    In the case of converted records the solution is to resave the Schedule Terms in Schedule TT > Structure ST > Terms SST. Open each Term (FY, S1 etc) and resave it. Conversion anomaly!  We are aware that some teachers cannot see classes on the Pages TT in the Classes Meeting Today widget. We have […]

  • Maintaining a Snapshot

    The  Fundamentals Document (v1.0 linked) contains information on the creation and maintenance of a snapshot. I’ve added this post as “how do I add or remove from a snapshot?” has come up frequently. The steps below assumes you already have created a snapshot Maintaining a Snapshot A snapshot is a group of students at the time […]

  • Print Class Lists with Designations

    To Print a class list including designations as well as an Aboriginal flag in the school view go to Schedule TT > Master ST > select course sections you want to print schedules for > Options > Show Selected > Reports > BC Class List Check/UnCheck the Aboriginal Y/N if you want or do not want the flag […]

  • Class Attendance Post Verification

    To check and see if your teachers have posted class attendance do the following Attendance TT of the school view > Class Office ST > Reports > Class Attendance Post Verification   The options you will want to set are Date (defaults to today but you can change it) Click on the Magnifying Glass to select […]

  • Quickly find a parent’s phone number

    To find a parent/contact’s phone number you should be in the Student TT > Ctrl-F and search by legal lastname (if you are using the Default Field Set and no custom sort) > Click on the Student’s name > Look at the bottom of the Details page at the contact details or click on the […]

  • How do I add a second teacher to a course?

    School View > Schedule TT > Master ST (default on on the top) > Select the Course Section > Click on the Teachers leaf in the Master ST > Options > Add TT: Top Tab ST: Side Tab SST: Sub-Side Tab  

  • How do you enter an SS Addresses

    Physical address – fill in their 911 street address with nothing in the RR Number field. Make sure the City Prov Postal Code field is filled in. (1701 triggers) Uncheck Is Identical for Mailing Address on the right hand side Leave Street Address blank on the right hand side Enter RR Number / PO Box field […]

  • Create a Group for your ASSW to access Aboriginal Students in MyEducation BC

    The following document shows you how to create a field set, snapshot, and group for your Aboriginal Student Support Worker. The steps are similar for creating other groups. Before you start your ASSW or person responsible for a Group must have a user account. User agreements are available on the footer of this page in […]

  • Medical Alerts (and other Alerts) report

    You can run a report for Medical(life threatening) and others (Legal, other etc) under the Student Top Tab > Reports > Other Jurisdictions > Student Alerts

  • Editing A Field Set

    In this video below of the training database (no real student data) I show you how you can copy and edit a pre-existing field set. In the example I show how to add usual names and aboriginal ancestry fields.