• Busing Fields

    The Busing Sub Top Tab (busing details on student demographics) under the Student Top Tab > Details Side Tab is to be edited only by the Transportation Clerk or Technology Services.

  • Exclude Classes without term grades – Report Cards

      This fits in the “may require more testing file”; however, we’ve found that you can select Exclude classes without term grades checkbox on the Middle and Secondary report card to remove classes from other schools where they use different reporting terms. If you are a Quarters school and a student was cross enrolled with […]

  • Home School Homeroom

    This practice is to enable proper handling of Home School students in our Assessment Portal and its Projections & Boundary/Catchment functions. Home School Students should have Sub grade of HS for 1701 purposes Homeroom manually entered to HS on the student details (this will be the key field for the Assessment Portal) No Homeroom of HS […]

  • Single Name Contacts

    For a record where only a single name exists (eg Cher) as per legal documentation, it is to be entered as the Surname according to BC Vital Statistics. A period (.) is to be entered in the First name field to fulfill the required legal name field.