• Using Send Email

    The following linked document explains the Send Email function in MyEducation BC. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-XsW7gt7wW8kplOOddjgzbTJjfUQF9mGqGL72HENvWA/edit?usp=sharing Schools that have cleaned their contacts and use this method report that it is easier to maintain an email list for the school through MyEducation BC than through their web mail. Teachers no longer need to collect the emails of their parents […]

  • Use Analytics and Class History for Identifying Chronic Absenteeism

    This blog post is coupled with a training session of the same name that is available to schools. The requirements to complete this task are Access to school view, Student TT, Attendance TT, Global TT Fundamentals – Filter, Sort, Query, Show Selected Running a saved Quick Report The end result of this process is pulling a report […]