Adding Flavours

Flavours allow schools to organize courses, name them and report differently. For Grade 10-12 courses keep in mind that the first seven characters are all that matters to the ministry in terms of trax and credits.

If a student has multiple courses with the first seven characters with the course code matching they would only get credit for the one course successfully completed with the highest mark.

A significantly different curriculum should use a different 7 character course code. Characters after the first seven are for school organization only.

Having said the above, to create a flavour at a school it must first be flavoured at the district level. Course codes look like the following

A Ministry course: MEN–10

A District Flavoured Course: MEN–10FLV

A School Flavoured Course: MEN–10FLVDRB

The first seven characters of a course code belong to the ministry. The next three are district characters. The last three characters are set by the school. A course must be flavoured at the district level before it can be flavoured at the school level.

District Flavours are often FLV (general flavour created so schools can flavour), FL1 (1 credit flavour), FL2 (2 credit flavour), FL3 (3credit flavour). Even though some flavours reference credits, always check for appropriate credits on the course. There are also some flavours attached to PHE courses like SOC or HOC instead of FLV so schools don’t need to create a hockey flavour or soccer. They can just use the district flavour for the course.

To create a school flavour

  1. Download the 10 character district flavoured course from Schedule TT > Courses ST> Options > Add (not pictured below)
  2. in Schedule TT > Courses ST > click on the course with 10 characters in the course code
  3. Options > Copy

    picture describes step 2 and 3 above
  4. You must use the same 10 characters of the course you are copying and add 1 to 3 more characters that make sense for your context.
  5. Add a description to the copied course in the field called Flavour (required).

    picture describes step 4 and 5 above
    picture describes step 4 and 5 above
  6. Next go back to the course list, click on the new 13 character course code you have just created and update the
  7. DONE!