Attendance Codes

The following is our practice for using Attendance Codes:

A: Unexcused Absence (counts against report card attendance). Use when no reason is given by a parent. For a school that does Kidcheck, this code in an AM-ATT class indicates that a phone call should be made home.

A-E: Parent Excused Absence (counts against report card attendance). Use this code when a parent/guardian has reported an excused absence. Include a comment. This is used to differentiate between an unexcused and a parent excused absence.

L: Late/Tardy. Please use approximate time when entering from School View. A School practice will determine a framework as to when a L or an A will be used. (ie Lates greater than 20 minutes into a 55 minute class are an A).

L-E: Parent Excused Late/Tardy. If used, include a comment.

D: Dismissed. Please user approximate time when entering from School View and include a comment.

AUTH: School Authorized Absence. Curricular field trips etc. Decided by School Administrator or Designate if it is to be used for an absence.
DO NOT use other codes combination with AUTH as an A AUTH or A-E AUTH does count against report card attendance. AUTH alone will not count against the report card attendance.

ISS or OSS: In School Suspension or Out of School Suspension – use is in discussion.

Please see for the district expectation on how attendance is taken by teachers.

Please see for resources on how to do attendance from the office.