Attendance Totals using Analytics

It is possible to pull totals of absences and lates using the analytics functions in MyEducation BC. In additional to the Principal’s Attendance Letter, or Class Absence Letter, Analytics gives a simple way to look at attendance, sort by totals etc.

To use generate attendance analytics go to the Student TT > Options > Analytics > Attendance by Student. Run the Report, there will be no specific options for the report.


This will generate the data. It can be now be viewed under the Global TT > Analytics ST.

Set the Analytics Definition to Attendance by Student by using the pick list.


Next check that your field set is set to Default Fields (ATT-STD).



Now you will be able to sort by the columns to look at items like attendance totals and late totals. Cross check for specific students against Student TT > Attendance ST > Daily / Class History SST to compare totals.