BAA Courses

The process for creating a Board / Authority Authorized course will be changing with the new 2018 Graduation Program to meet the “Know-Do-Understand” curriculum model.

As a result, Boards of Education will need to

  1. Review BAA courses being offered in the 2018/2019 year to determine which BAA courses are to be retired (due to new courses or an out of date course/not meeting requirements) OR are to be revised following the new “Know-Do-Understand” curriculum model.
  2. Determine a regular review cycle for BAA courses to ensure that their content remains current.

Ministry Documents have been updated to assist with the review and development of new BAA courses.

More will come on the process of updating and reviewing historical BAA courses. For creating new ones start with the documents above and contact the Director of Instruction for questions and eventual submission to the Board for approval.

List of SD60 BAA Courses (to be reviewed)