• Exclude Classes without term grades – Report Cards

      This fits in the “may require more testing file”; however, we’ve found that you can select Exclude classes without term grades checkbox on the Middle and Secondary report card to remove classes from other schools where they use different reporting terms. If you are a Quarters school and a student was cross enrolled with […]

  • Process for Doing Attendance in Office

    MyEducation BC has several ways to input attendance information. While flexible this has led to some confusion. Below are some resources and suggestions on process. Resources Attendance Codes Practice Attendance Video (K-6 focus) KidCheck Video Office Attendance before 9:30am (click image to expand) Early in the day work in Attendance TT > Class Office ST  […]

  • Report Card Verification Quick Report (for Proofing)

    Be patient when completing this task as there may be thousands of records generated. Watch the spinning wheel on your browser tab to see if progress is happening. This report will only generate transcript records that have been Posted to the transcript. If teachers have not Posted there will not be any records. Grades TT > […]

  • Improve Comment Banks by Adding the ID Number to Preview Field

    The comment banks in MyEducation BC can be improved significantly by adding the comment ID number into the beginning of the Preview field for the comment. This makes it clear when a teacher searches inside of a category that they’ve found comment 100 instead of guess between comments that could be ID number 100, 2100, […]

  • Order of Courses on Report Cards

    To order your courses on a report card you must set the Report Sequence Number or SeqNo field. Schedule TT > Courses ST > Field Set: Report Card Field Set > Look at the SeqNo field. 0 is the highest priority, it will be at the top of the list. So leave your prefered top […]

  • How do I run Synrevoice

    We’ve found that the Attendance TT > daily or class Side Tab > Options > Exports BC Autodialer – Synrevoice export pulls in class and daily attendance (code 10). The manual provided by Synrevoice shows a different way to pull your Synrevoice data. Please read the manual which includes how to build a correct quick report for […]

  • Extract Attendance Reporting by Period

    To pull a list of all Student Class Attendance records go to School View>Global Top Tab>All SideTab> Student Class Attendance –click on the blue hyperlink of the name>Filter: Current school Year>Field Set: SD60 Attendance You can export to Excel using the Quick Print >CSV or use Options > Query to drill down to specific information.

  • Class Attendance Lists

    In the linked document below we show two ways you can pull class lists for paper based attendance. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HHm6IUUkO26zVqFpGIouR2-gPnKctkcESiUnP0u9aWw/edit?usp=sharing

  • Adding External Credit

    The linked document shows how to add external credits into MyEducation BC https://docs.google.com/document/d/19mtgPejd7GcNrcHtsP8vwUWbF1APYYgIykNF0eBMBeg/edit?usp=sharing