• Entering Siblings for Related Contacts

    The district practice for related contacts who are brother/sister etc will be to use the relationship = Sibling. To enter related contacts after a registration go to Student TT > Select the student > Contacts ST > Related Contacts SST. Add a record for each related contact and set the type to sibling. Go to […]

  • Busing Fields

    The Busing Sub Top Tab (busing details on student demographics) under the Student Top Tab > Details Side Tab is to be edited only by the Transportation Clerk or Technology Services.

  • Home School Homeroom

    This practice is to enable proper handling of Home School students in our Assessment Portal and its Projections & Boundary/Catchment functions. Home School Students should have Sub grade of HS for 1701 purposes Homeroom manually entered to HS on the student details (this will be the key field for the Assessment Portal) No Homeroom of HS […]

  • Single Name Contacts

    For a record where only a single name exists (eg Cher) as per legal documentation, it is to be entered as the Surname according to BC Vital Statistics. A period (.) is to be entered in the First name field to fulfill the required legal name field.

  • Updating of Student Info by Departments

    Please email any comments on this Draft Practice to Jarrod Bell before Nov 30, 2015.   Departments below may include Careers & International, Transportation, Aboriginal Education, Technology Services, or District Staff. Change of Address on Student > Details > Addresses Departments can change student addresses when a change is provided by a parent/guardian for the address attached […]

  • Attendance Codes

    The following is our practice for using Attendance Codes: A: Unexcused Absence (counts against report card attendance). Use when no reason is given by a parent. For a school that does Kidcheck, this code in an AM-ATT class indicates that a phone call should be made home. A-E: Parent Excused Absence (counts against report card […]

  • E and W dates

    When enrolling or receiving a transferring student please check the Enrollment SST for the student to make certain that the Enrollment record (E) is at the top of the list. If not please change the dates for the W or E so that they are not on the same date and E’s date is at […]

  • Homeroom Process & Practice

    Setting the Homeroom for the Teacher and the Students is an important process. Not only will it enable you to easily filter and run reports by homeroom, but it is a critical field for the Assess portal. Without it filled in, students will not appear in Assess. You can set the HR field for Students […]

  • Calendar

    All SD60 Calendars should have the CalendarID of “Standard” without the quotations marks. All Students and Staff that are primary to a SD60 school that takes attendance should have “Standard” as their calendar value. NOTE: If a student is primarily associated to an out of district school and secondarily associated (cross-enrolled) to your school do […]

  • Contacts Emergency Priority Number

    The Emergency Priority Number for Contacts should be as follows 1, 2 – Custodial Parents / Legal Guardians 3-6 – Others in order of priority 11 – Conversion artifact – must be checked and changed as appropriate by school 39 – Past guardian that has had custody changed via TCO/CCO practice. 98 – Dentist 99 – Doctor […]