CCO/TCO Practice

November 2020 Updates are italicized. 

This practice looks at the steps to take when informed regarding a change of custody to a temporary or continuing custody order. A change to custody of this nature should be dealt with as a high priority.

  1. Ideally paperwork is provided by MCFD to the primary contact at the school district who informs the school. If you receive word in any other way contact the primary contact via Learning Services.
  2. Change Custody Field in MyEducation BC
    Student TT > Select Student > Details ST > change custody field to Cont. Custody Order or Temp. Custody Order
  3. Change phone numbers on Student Details to new primary contact’s numbers so they no longer represent the previous custodial parent’s numbers.
  4. Add Family Alert – DO NOT ADD LEGAL ALERT unless court order is on file. Legal alerts are listed on PSR. 
  5. Go to the Contacts ST and adjust the contacts.
    1. Parents who are no longer custodial must have their contact data changed
      1. Change their contact priority to 39 for one or both parents no longer in custody. (Emergency Contact Priority Practice is available at (
      2. Uncheck the Parent Auth / Guardian Field
      3. Uncheck Can Pickup, Lives With, Contact has portal access, can receive email etc
      4. Change the Contact Type drop down list to BLANK
      5. If there is concern about accidental contact, archive the phone numbers/email/address of the parent no longer in custody and delete that info from their contact record. Keep the old contact info on student file if needed due to change in custody in the future.
      6. If the parent has a family portal account contact uncheck Contact has Family Portal Access
    2. Create new contacts as per TCO/CCO
      • A BLANK verification form for Foster Parent or Ministry Rep may be useful to collect contact info.
        To find the correct contact search ALL contacts and choose the one with MCFD only included in the surname.  If you do not find the contact in MyEd please contact Bernice Chmelyk. DO NOT add a new contact.
      • Parental Auth / Guardian should be checked
      • Type should be set to TCO or CCO as appropriate
      • Relationship should be set as appropriate to MinChildrenFamDev or Foster Parent
      • Update checkboxes as appropriate including pickup and lives with, portal access (for both foster parent, group home & MCFD social worker) etc
    3. If an emergency contact needs to change add new contacts and adjust the old emergency contact priority lower (ie 3 to 4) or delete the old emergency contact if needed.
  6. If advised by MCFD set the Confidential Student Date in the Student Details.

Any change that a school becomes aware of around custody that involves the Ministry of Children and Families should be communicated to Bernice Chmelyk

Sample Errors and Corrections

Below are screenshots of contacts with errors and a screenshot of correct contacts.

Contacts with errors
Contacts with errors
Corrected contacts