Updating of Student Info by Departments

Please email any comments on this Draft Practice to Jarrod Bell before Nov 30, 2015.


Departments below may include Careers & International, Transportation, Aboriginal Education, Technology Services, or District Staff.

Change of Address on Student > Details > Addresses

Departments can change student addresses when a change is provided by a parent/guardian for the address attached to the child due to an interaction with the department.

Where a change of address puts a child into a different catchment area, the department must inform the school of the change.

Examples of interactions are bus registrations, contact via Aboriginal Education or International staff etc.

Department staff making changes must have training provided by Technology Services in MyEducation BC.

Any Other Changes

Departments are to make any other change only in collaboration with the school.


Technology Services will repair errors in demographics (ie validating addresses etc) and inform schools as appropriate.