How do I see Transcript Records?

In MyEducation BC a Transcript record is a record of a mark in a course. A Transcript or a Report Card is a collection of transcript records.

There are two places to find transcript records. If you want to look at many transcript records for many students at once the place to be is in the School View > Grades TT > Transcripts ST.

To see the transcript records of one student go to the Student TT > Select the student > Transcript ST.

These side tabs add a new icon in the menu bar on the right hand side that looks like an open book. This is a data dictionary. This will allow you to change the Transcript Definition to see different types of Transcript records. Trimester is often used in the Elementary and Middle Schools where quarterly is used in secondary. To see All transcript records click on the Data Dictionary icon and select All.

A DL school can see active dates on the Grades TT > Transcript ST > select field set of Active Dates > Data Dictionary to All. This will enable them to see active dates on DL courses along with any other courses the student has transcript records for.

In the image below from the training environment You can see that clicking on the Data Dictionary (right of Quick Print Menu) there are many Transcript Definitions to pick from.



Data Dictionary