How do I update Class Attendance from Daily Attendance?

A parent phones or emails before school to let you know that Jimmy Johansen will be sick today. This should be entered into Attendance TT > Daily Attendance ST as an excused absences (A-E) with the reason of illness. It could also be entered in the Attendance TT > Class Office ST in the Daily column for Jimmy.

After entering the daily attendance it should be pushed out to Class Attendance by navigating to Attendance TT > Class Office ST. To push it out to the classes that occur today, find Jimmy’s daily A-E record and click on the >> to the right of the daily absence record. This will put an A-E into all of Jimmy’s periods where he has a class occurring today. In a K-6 school that would be his AM+PM classes. In a secondary it could be P1, P2, and P4 because Jimmy has a flex in P3 in today’s schedule.

Pushing >> the absence from Daily to Class should only be used for full day absences because the push actually copies whatever is in the Daily absence records to all classes!

There are handy filters in Class Office like Filter > Attendance Activity which shows only students that have a daily or class record. Truant filter gives students that have class absences but no daily code. The discrepancy filter shows who has a daily record but no class records.

Further if your school uses Synrevoice to call home for unexcused absences (A), only the class attendance records count. Daily attendance is not extracted for Synrevoice. See the image below of some records in Class Office. All of the students here with an A in class attendance would get a phone call even if there is an A-E in the daily column.

attendance push and synrevoice

Excused absences (A-E) must be in the Class Attendance for the Synrevoice extract to ignore them


For more information on attendance please review the K-6 attendance video at .