Improve Comment Banks by Adding the ID Number to Preview Field

The comment banks in MyEducation BC can be improved significantly by adding the comment ID number into the beginning of the Preview field for the comment. This makes it clear when a teacher searches inside of a category that they’ve found comment 100 instead of guess between comments that could be ID number 100, 2100, 1001 etc.

To do this in the School View go to Admin TT > Comments Side Tab > Codes Leaf.

Click on the ID number to edit. > Add in the ID number to the beginning of the Comment Preview field > Save > Use navigation buttons to move to next record.

ID in comment Preview field


After adding the ID numbers to the beginning of the Comment Preview teachers will be able to see which comment they are choosing. This is exceptionally helpful when they have an extract of the comments as described below.

comments with ID number in preview

Creating an Extract of the School Comment Bank (School View) – Taken from the Comment Bank document at 

An administrator or secretary can extract the school comment bank. To do so go to

  1. School View > Admin TT > Comments ST > select comment bank to extract > click on Codes leaf > change the Field Set to Comment Extract Field Set
  2. Next Click on the Quick Report icon (printer button) and select CSV
  3. Open the downloaded CSV file in Excel
  4. Format as appropriate to distribute to staff (print/electronic)