Query and Ab. Ed. List Field Set Example

We’ve created a Field Set available at the district and school view called Ab. Ed. List. This field set includes mailing address, physical address, Aboriginal Ancestry, Band of Residence and more.

Along with this field set you can use a query to quickly show only students with Aboriginal Ancestry. To do this you should be in School/District View > Student TT > Filter Primary Active Students or All Active Students > Field Set Ab. Ed. Lists > Options > Query…

In the New Query window Sort A – Z > Select Aboriginal Ancestry > Change the Operator drop down list to Is Not Empty > Click Add button > Set Search Based On to Primary Active Students or All Active Students as needed > Click Search.




This will run a query resulting in students that do not have a blank Aboriginal ancestry field.

You could also add in other questions into the query like Grade 4 and Female to give you all students who are female AND in grade 4 AND have an Aboriginal Ancestry. To do this you’d use the AND button to add the questions. For more on Queries please refer to your Fundamentals document.