Report Card Verification Quick Report (for Proofing)

Be patient when completing this task as there may be thousands of records generated. Watch the spinning wheel on your browser tab to see if progress is happening.

This report will only generate transcript records that have been Posted to the transcript. If teachers have not Posted there will not be any records.

Grades TT > Transcripts ST >

Data Dictionary: All (or as appropriate) >


Filter to appropriate choice (FY and S1, FY and S2, or X1 etc)

> Reports > Quick Report > Saved Report


Pick the appropriate report. For Tri schools use Q1 for Tri 1, Q2 for Tri 2, and Q3 for Tri 3.

Through the rest of the wizard click next until the end. Adjust items if needed.

Some items that you might want to adjust are the report title, font size etc. For advanced users you could try adding fields as desired.

Click Finish.

The default report exports to an html file which you can easily print.

Should this not meet needs, plan B remains the previous method for Proofing report cards at