Review Contacts in Global TT

Student Contacts in Global Top Tab

This document describes how schools can review all student contacts and make changes where needed in the Global Top Tab of the School View.


School View > Global TT > Favorite ST > Student Contact (link in list)

Filter: Active Contacts or others as needed

You may choose to use a query to look specifically at certain records.

Field Set: Choose an appropriate field set for your task.

Default + Cell Fields includes the default fields as well as cell phone number

Portal Fields includes specifics for portal. Includes email address, emergency priority, relationship, receive email etc.


Utilize sorting columns to quickly find information that needs to be looked at.

Utilize Options > Mass Update or Options > Modify List to easily change information on contacts without having to open each record.

Make certain to check the number of records before using Mass Update.

Make certain when using the Modify List option to click on the green check mark prior to moving to the next page to save changes.

Things to Check Using the Global TT > Favourites > Student Contacts