SD60 Reporting Documents, Quick Reference, and Slides

Reporting Student Progress

Reporting Document for 2022-2023

Slides used with Posts of Responsibility

Reporting Pilot Schools – Summary of Progress Instructions

K-9 Single Term Report Card Document for Pilot Schools

Instructions for Alwin Holland, Taylor, Duncan Cran, Upper Halfway, Wonowon in the 2018-2019 year

Quick Reference Cards specific to SD60 

Kindergarten Report Cards

Primary Report Cards

Intermediate Report Cards

*Primary term mark should only be entered using the performance scale letters (NYM, AE, ME, EE for gr1-gr3 or AE, ME, EE for KF). Please do not use numbers. 

*Courses reported in T1 & T2 like Science or Socials in elementary need to have a mark added in T3 for the permanent student record. Please add your T2 mark additionally to T3.

Middle / Cumulative Trimester Report Cards

Secondary Report Cards

Grade Input Document for Teachers

Grade Input 

Using Comment Banks

Comment Banks

Printing Report Cards – Teachers

Printing Report Cards

Lead Team Slides

These slides were used with the Lead Team for training in Oct 2015