• Kid Check

    This video looks at how Kid Check can be run with MyEducation BC

  • Daily & Class Office Attendance – K-6

    This video looks at how clerical staff can take attendance in Attendance Top Tab and Daily Office and Class Office Side Tabs. *** Latest practice in the district is to use Class Office Only *** The video uses an AM/PM period attendance school setup.

  • Contacts Emergency Priority Number

    The Emergency Priority Number for Contacts should be as follows 1, 2 – Custodial Parents / Legal Guardians 3-6 – Others in order of priority 11 – Conversion artifact – must be checked and changed as appropriate by school 39 – Past guardian that has had custody changed via TCO/CCO practice. 98 – Dentist 99 – Doctor […]

  • User Agreement for June 2015 Sessions

    Lead Teams in June are required to come with their User Agreements signed as their ticket in the door for their June session. The document is available in the link below. Please print, distribute, and have ready for your Lead Team members to deliver during their June session. MyEducation BC UserAgreement with Coversheet for June […]