• Fundamentals Questions

    The following are questions that came up from our feedback form from participants in our Fundamentals training sessions. Answers in bold. 1) Balancing Core courses–Counsellors at NPSS asked if there is a function to balance a student’s course schedule so that their core courses were not all in one semester Yes. Will be covered in […]

  • Report Card Comment Lengths

    A report card comment for a course will have a default of 2000 characters. For a Term Comment given in elementary it will have a default of 4000 characters. These defaults can be changed at the district or school level. What does a 2000 characters comment look like? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing […]

  • Fundamentals Document

    The linked document below will be the one referenced during March – June 2015 Fundamental training sessions. Fundamentals_v1.0 PDF