• Fee Payment Instructions added

    Fee Payment instructions have been added on the Family Portal page at https://myedbc.prn.bc.ca/family-portal/

  • Online registration in MyEdBC now available!

    You can now register for school online. Our Family Portal page now has instructions for online registration. For more information about registration for school please see https://www.prn.bc.ca/register-for-school/ 

  • OffSite Attendance Code

    In Stage 2 the Ministry expects schools to note when students are not present in class and are either holding a spot / transitioning back or learning OffSite because of a COVID mitigation strategy. An example is a mixed cohort/learning group class where half of the students attend one day and the other half the […]

  • Checking Course Requests – Student Portal

    Students can check their course requests for next year through the following steps. 1. Log in to MyEducation BC at https://www.myeducation.gov.bc.ca/aspen/logon.do Your user account will be the same as your Learn60 email, your password will be what you set during course selection. 2. Click on My Info Top Tab 3. Click on Requests Side Tab […]

  • 2016 Summer Maintenance – Production Outage

    Fujitsu reports that summer maintenance will occur starting August 9th and be finished by August 22. During this time the following items will be addressed End of Year Rollover (EYOR) Student Archiving Infrastructure Maintenance The MyEducation BC Production will be unavailable between August 9th and 22nd. In future years it is expected that future summer maintenance windows should […]

  • Family Portal on Mobile?

    The mobile view of family portal is new and may be challenging to use. If you find it difficult to use we suggest selecting the Full Site after you’ve logged in. For instructions on the full site see http://www.prn.bc.ca/myedbc/?page_id=486 To switch to the full site > Login > Swipe down > Click on View Full Site

  • Mailing Address Field Set on Student TT

    I’ve created a new Mailing Address Field Set in the Student TT > student list for use with Mail Merging for mailing labels.  If you need other fields please copy the field set and modify for your needs. I’ve included the following fields: Name (Concatenated Legal Name, Last, First for Student) Usual Name (Concatenated Usual Name, […]

  • New Field Set – Attendance TT > Class Office

    I’ve created a new field set in Attendance TT > Class Office ST called Default with HR & Sch. This field set has the primary school name field added to help schools that have a high number of secondary students (cross enrollments). This field set combined with the Attendance Activity filter and sorting the column […]