• Gradebook Videos & Docs

    Video Support for Gradebook for teachers for both a traditional and standards based gradebook is available at https://mytrainingbc.ca/learningsupport/ . Further PDF documentation is available at http://www.myeducationbc.info/resources/teachers/

  • SD60 Reporting Documents, Quick Reference, and Slides

    Reporting Student Progress Reporting Document for 2020-2021 Slides used with Posts of Responsibility Reporting Pilot Schools – Summary of Progress Instructions K-9 Single Term Report Card Document for Pilot Schools Instructions for Alwin Holland, Taylor, Duncan Cran, Upper Halfway, Wonowon in the 2018-2019 year Quick Reference Cards specific to SD60  Kindergarten Report Cards Primary Report […]

  • Find Provincial Course Codes

    To find open provincial course codes use the ministry course registry search at the link below. Use the Advanced Search linked below. http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/datacollections/course_registry_web_search/advanced-search.php Narrow the search results down by picking the grade, Course Status of Open (must be open to add it in MyEducation BC), and pick language of instruction.