• Finding a student’s Band of Residence from Student Top Tab

    Using the .default field set in the Student Top Tab in either the school view or staff view in MyEducation BC allows an easy way for staff to see the Band of Residence of a student. This is an important field because of our Local Education Agreements with our local First Nations. Navigate to the […]

  • Email Log in MyEdBC

    For administrative staff an Email Log is available. See the link below for instructions. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14XbmUMzlEVpyM07aWOHMf4U8miuk2SRjJWHRn4GZZmE/edit?usp=sharing

  • Add a speciality group in Assess via MyEd – XAT–00GRP

    To create a specialty group in Assess follow the process in the link below. The staff member will need to be a teacher in MyEd, course section assigned to the teacher, students in the course section, and after the weekly update it will appear in Assess under their list of classes. See here.

  • Creating Student Lanyards

    The document linked below shows how teachers, administrators, and secretaries can create student lanyards with a picture, name, and grade in a few short steps. See here.  

  • Gradebook Videos & Docs

    Video Support for Gradebook for teachers for both a traditional and standards based gradebook is available at https://mytrainingbc.ca/learningsupport/ . Further PDF documentation is available at http://www.myeducationbc.info/resources/teachers/

  • ASSESS help

    Searching for ASSESS help documents? You can find more information and some how-to documents at http://www.prn.bc.ca/ls/?page_id=2113

  • Change the visibility type on an assignment

    For teachers in schools with Family Portal available the visibility type on the assignment determines whether parents and students can see anything about the assignment. To quickly change the type click on the icon in the column header in the scores side tab. You can also do this in the assignment side tab for a […]

  • Can a teacher see what parents/students see in Family Portal?

    Teachers can’t see exactly the same thing that parents see in Family Portal but you can see pretty much everything they can just in a different location. There is a video of the family portal at http://www.prn.bc.ca/myedbc/?page_id=486 that you can watch so you can see what the portal looks like. To see the Assignments and Attendance […]