• Parent Login with BC Services Card

    To use the BC Services Card to easily log in to MyEducation BC you need to first do the following. Have a current MyEdBC parent account which you have successfully logged into Configure the BC Services Card App on (see youtube video below) Login through the BC Services Card button on the MyEdBC login screen. […]

  • Gradebook Videos & Docs

    Video Support for Gradebook for teachers for both a traditional and standards based gradebook is available at https://mytrainingbc.ca/learningsupport/ . Further PDF documentation is available at http://www.myeducationbc.info/resources/teachers/

  • SD60 Reporting Documents, Quick Reference, and Slides

    Reporting Student Progress Reporting Document for 2022-2023 Slides used with Posts of Responsibility Reporting Pilot Schools – Summary of Progress Instructions K-9 Single Term Report Card Document for Pilot Schools Instructions for Alwin Holland, Taylor, Duncan Cran, Upper Halfway, Wonowon in the 2018-2019 year Quick Reference Cards specific to SD60  Kindergarten Report Cards Primary Report […]

  • Find Provincial Course Codes

    To find open provincial course codes use the ministry course registry search at the link below. Use the Advanced Search linked below. http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/datacollections/course_registry_web_search/advanced-search.php Narrow the search results down by picking the grade, Course Status of Open (must be open to add it in MyEducation BC), and pick language of instruction.