• Family Portal on Mobile?

    The mobile view of family portal is new and may be challenging to use. If you find it difficult to use we suggest selecting the Full Site after you’ve logged in. For instructions on the full site see http://www.prn.bc.ca/myedbc/?page_id=486 To switch to the full site > Login > Swipe down > Click on View Full Site

  • Class Attendance Quick Report by Period

    To pull a nicely formated quick report on student class attendance for all or some of their class attendance records follow the steps below. Student TT Select student (check next to their name) Attendance ST Class Attendance Daily SST If you only want to run the report on certain records, select them > Options > Show Selected […]

  • CCO/TCO Practice

    November 2020 Updates are italicized.  This practice looks at the steps to take when informed regarding a change of custody to a temporary or continuing custody order. A change to custody of this nature should be dealt with as a high priority. Ideally paperwork is provided by MCFD to the primary contact at the school district […]