• Find Provincial Course Codes

    To find open provincial course codes use the ministry course registry search at the link below. Use the Advanced Search linked below. http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/datacollections/course_registry_web_search/advanced-search.php Narrow the search results down by picking the grade, Course Status of Open (must be open to add it in MyEducation BC), and pick language of instruction.

  • Create Custom Class/Homeroom List with Excel

    The following video in the de-identified training database shows you how to filter to a class/homeroom, export to CSV (Comma Separated Value), open, edit, and format in Excel so you can print a custom report.

  • How do I update Class Attendance from Daily Attendance?

    A parent phones or emails before school to let you know that Jimmy Johansen will be sick today. This should be entered into Attendance TT > Daily Attendance ST as an excused absences (A-E) with the reason of illness. It could also be entered in the Attendance TT > Class Office ST in the Daily […]

  • Enrollment Data for your school by Homeroom

    To pull the enrollment data for your homeroom follow the steps below: School View>School Top Tab>Reports>Enrollment Breakdown>click the Magnifying Glass>Control F>type Homeroom in the pop up box>OK>OK>Run Sample: Enrollment Breakdown–homeroom report

  • Emergency Contact 11 – Mass Update

    During conversion parents were brought in as emergency contact priority 11. We will mass update that along the following lines. Any contact listed as Mother with emergency contact priority 11 will be change to emergency priority 1. Any contact listed as Father with emergency contact priority 11 will be changed to emergency priority 2. Contacts […]

  • Query and Ab. Ed. List Field Set Example

    We’ve created a Field Set available at the district and school view called Ab. Ed. List. This field set includes mailing address, physical address, Aboriginal Ancestry, Band of Residence and more. Along with this field set you can use a query to quickly show only students with Aboriginal Ancestry. To do this you should be in […]

  • How do I see Transcript Records?

    In MyEducation BC a Transcript record is a record of a mark in a course. A Transcript or a Report Card is a collection of transcript records. There are two places to find transcript records. If you want to look at many transcript records for many students at once the place to be is in […]

  • Schedule Terms vs Reporting Terms

    Schedule Terms are when a course starts and finished. Grade Terms are when you report on courses. They are related but they are not the same thing. A structure term gets a grade term cover map. By selecting checkboxes in the grade term cover map (Schedule TT > Structure ST > Terms SST) you pick […]

  • Homeroom Process & Practice

    Setting the Homeroom for the Teacher and the Students is an important process. Not only will it enable you to easily filter and run reports by homeroom, but it is a critical field for the Assess portal. Without it filled in, students will not appear in Assess. You can set the HR field for Students […]