• Mailing Address Field Set on Student TT

    I’ve created a new Mailing Address Field Set in the Student TT > student list for use with Mail Merging for mailing labels.  If you need other fields please copy the field set and modify for your needs. I’ve included the following fields: Name (Concatenated Legal Name, Last, First for Student) Usual Name (Concatenated Usual Name, […]

  • New Field Set – Attendance TT > Class Office

    I’ve created a new field set in Attendance TT > Class Office ST called Default with HR & Sch. This field set has the primary school name field added to help schools that have a high number of secondary students (cross enrollments). This field set combined with the Attendance Activity filter and sorting the column […]

  • Class Office – Attendance Call List field set

    A new field set has been added to the Attendance TT > Class Office ST. It is called Attendance Call List and has the following items: Student Name Grade Home Phone (from Student Demographics) 1st Contact Cell Phone 1st Contact Name 2nd Contact Cell Phone 2nd Contact Name 1st and 2nd contact are dictated by […]