• Attendance Totals using Analytics

    It is possible to pull totals of absences and lates using the analytics functions in MyEducation BC. In additional to the Principal’s Attendance Letter, or Class Absence Letter, Analytics gives a simple way to look at attendance, sort by totals etc. To use generate attendance analytics go to the Student TT > Options > Analytics […]

  • Mailing Address Field Set on Student TT

    I’ve created a new Mailing Address Field Set in the Student TT > student list for use with Mail Merging for mailing labels.  If you need other fields please copy the field set and modify for your needs. I’ve included the following fields: Name (Concatenated Legal Name, Last, First for Student) Usual Name (Concatenated Usual Name, […]

  • Inclusions

    The linked document below details our practice with regards to Inclusions https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I0MtpkdCFDmkgtZf-a5DlVPd-dNT5_3WxcH8Jr-F4hQ/edit?usp=sharing  

  • Entering Siblings for Related Contacts

    The district practice for related contacts who are brother/sister etc will be to use the relationship = Sibling. To enter related contacts after a registration go to Student TT > Select the student > Contacts ST > Related Contacts SST. Add a record for each related contact and set the type to sibling. Go to […]

  • New Field Set – Attendance TT > Class Office

    I’ve created a new field set in Attendance TT > Class Office ST called Default with HR & Sch. This field set has the primary school name field added to help schools that have a high number of secondary students (cross enrollments). This field set combined with the Attendance Activity filter and sorting the column […]

  • Class Office – Attendance Call List field set

    A new field set has been added to the Attendance TT > Class Office ST. It is called Attendance Call List and has the following items: Student Name Grade Home Phone (from Student Demographics) 1st Contact Cell Phone 1st Contact Name 2nd Contact Cell Phone 2nd Contact Name 1st and 2nd contact are dictated by […]