Fundamentals Questions

The following are questions that came up from our feedback form from participants in our Fundamentals training sessions. Answers in bold.

1) Balancing Core courses–Counsellors at NPSS asked if there is a function to balance a student’s course schedule so that their core courses were not all in one semester

Yes. Will be covered in Student Scheduling / Walk-In session in June and Aug 31 using workspace matrix.

2) Should we pull Diploma Verification Sheets and store before conversion?

Yes, there are a series of reports, extracts etc that we will require schools to pull and store on their local servers prior to YET. A spreadsheet has already been shared to school clerical.

3) Synervoice–will it work with MyEd?

I understand from Wave 1 districts that it is not working correctly with rotated bell schedules in first year due to conversion (not reporting correct period missed on message). Some school districts switched in synrevoice to use the notice “Your child was absent in one or more classes today” rather than reporting the actual period number.

Contacts will need to be checked/cleaned prior to use so that it doesn’t call the child’s dentist and doctor as well! That will be a post conversion task we will communicate to schools.

4) Historical Fees—are they transferring?

Don’t know at this time.

5) Grade teams/groups–Bert Bowes uses teams for grade grouping to place students in classes, ie. Grade 8 groups have same courses.  Could we take a look at this during the June 17/18 sessions fro Scheduling?

Platoons I would think. Covered in Build or Elementary Scheduling docs.

6) eFunds–is it interfacing?

Extracts are a treat to do in MyEducation BC compared to BCeSIS. Interface as in automated back and forth will not be available out of the gate.

7) Transfer between schools–tried to do a transfer at the last session and there were no other school to transfer to (on my account), the school receiving was not able to see whether the student transferred and not able to access the student after completing the transfer.

I was able to get this working when we played with the function with NBCDES staff. May be role issue or TRAIN environment issue.  We will look at role and verify.

8) Can students see their graduation progress or have a planner in the student portal?

Yes, see below. Note it is fake data and student.
Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.32.58 AM 

9) Will we setup attendance so teachers can do attendance on a phone or mobile device?

Yes. We’ve decided to take the route we have on attendance so that teachers can use different devices to take it.

10) Can we standardize term dates as a district?

Looking at this. Discussing with the Executive.

11) Can I pull up a list of Withdrawn students?

Yes, from the School View > Student Top Tab > Options > Query – I created the query below and it shows my withdrawn students. A key search field was changing the “Search Based On” To “All students” from the default of “All Active Students”. If I had left it as All Active Students it would show no results as a student with an Enrolment Status of Withdrawn would not exist in the All Active Student list.
Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 12.28.55 PM