• Implementation Key Contacts

    We’ve developed a document to help everyone identify key contacts based on the View and the Top Tabs in MyEducation BC. If you need to speak with someone these people would be your first point of contact during the 2015-2016 year (2016 year in MyEducation BC). You are always welcome to submit a work order […]

  • Report Card Proofing (Updated Oct 2015)

    A Quick Report for this has been created. Instructions at http://www.prn.bc.ca/myedbc/?p=406 Below is an alternate method for extracting report card data for proofing. I’ve created a district field set that makes it relatively easy for schools to export marks and comments for proofing/verification. Follow the steps below after teachers have Posted Grades. I’m aware of some […]

  • Lead Team Slides

    The Lead Team Slides are available at bit.ly/LTSLIDES

  • YOG Calculator

    Thank you to SD79 and SD71 who both shared this spreadsheet to us that helps you calculate the Year of Grade (YOG). Keep in mind that the YOG refers to the end of the year, not the start. YOG Calculator.XLSX

  • Creating Sections – Elementary

    The video below looks at how to enter in the number of sections of a course you need to create and how to initialize them. It is covered in detail in the Elementary Scheduling document.

  • Determining the Number of Sections

    An important task before Elementary Scheduling can begin in bulk is determining the number of sections for: ATT-AM ATT-PM Curricular Classes The video below shows how to use a simple spreadsheet to determine the number of sections you’ll need to create. The creation of those will be handled in another video.  

  • Assigning Homerooms to Students

    Please note that the video uses a De-identified Database. None of these students exist. This video below looks at the following features using simple numerical homeroom assignments. -Filters (Primary Active) -Sort (Homeroom and Grade) -Set Preferences > Records Per Page -Select -Options > Show Selected -Mass Update -Modify List