• Simple Class Lists from School View

    For staff running a class list from the School View (Clerical, AOs) the video below shows some options for doing that. A simple course in the Schedule Top Tab for elementary schools to use would be the ATT-AM class as that is representative of the homeroom. For secondary they should choose the appropriate class they […]

  • Creating Sections – Elementary

    The video below looks at how to enter in the number of sections of a course you need to create and how to initialize them. It is covered in detail in the Elementary Scheduling document.

  • Determining the Number of Sections

    An important task before Elementary Scheduling can begin in bulk is determining the number of sections for: ATT-AM ATT-PM Curricular Classes The video below shows how to use a simple spreadsheet to determine the number of sections you’ll need to create. The creation of those will be handled in another video.  

  • Assigning Homerooms to Students

    Please note that the video uses a De-identified Database. None of these students exist. This video below looks at the following features using simple numerical homeroom assignments. -Filters (Primary Active) -Sort (Homeroom and Grade) -Set Preferences > Records Per Page -Select -Options > Show Selected -Mass Update -Modify List

  • Kid Check

    This video looks at how Kid Check can be run with MyEducation BC

  • Daily & Class Office Attendance – K-6

    This video looks at how clerical staff can take attendance in Attendance Top Tab and Daily Office and Class Office Side Tabs. *** Latest practice in the district is to use Class Office Only *** The video uses an AM/PM period attendance school setup.