Adding ELL students into an organizational course – XAT–00ELL

Adding ELL students into a specific XAT course enables the ELL teacher to see info on the students in both MyEducation BC (immediately) and Assess (weekly update). This has functionality for the ELL Rubric / AIP. ELL teachers and ELL students must be attached to the XAT–00ELL course specifically for this to work in Assess. […]

Gradebook Videos & Docs

Video Support for Gradebook for teachers for both a traditional and standards based gradebook is available at . Further PDF documentation is available at

October 2017 Update

During the fall SIS conference some information was shared to us about upcoming changes and curriculum implementation. Here are some of my notes. Timelines for upgrades to version 5.8 are at the bottom. November 24 is deadline for Enhancement Requests to be considered for current budget year. ERs can go through Jennie Copeland and must […]

BAA Courses

The process for creating a Board / Authority Authorized course will be changing with the new 2018 Graduation Program to meet the “Know-Do-Understand” curriculum model. As a result, Boards of Education will need to Review BAA courses being offered in the 2018/2019 year to determine which BAA courses are to be retired (due to new […]


Searching for ASSESS help documents? You can find more information and some how-to documents at

Practice – Unique Parent Emails in Contacts

Contacts that are parents should have unique email addresses or only the email address listed on the priority 1 contact. Example of what should not happen Jane Parent – 1 – Mother – Joe Parent – 2 – Father – In the above case please remove the email on the contact with priority […]

Change the visibility type on an assignment

For teachers in schools with Family Portal available the visibility type on the assignment determines whether parents and students can see anything about the assignment. To quickly change the type click on the icon in the column header in the scores side tab. You can also do this in the assignment side tab for a […]

Can a teacher see what parents/students see in Family Portal?

Teachers can’t see exactly the same thing that parents see in Family Portal but you can see pretty much everything they can just in a different location. There is a video of the family portal at that you can watch so you can see what the portal looks like. To see the Assignments and Attendance […]

Bus Students and Physical Address

Transportation needs to be aware of Physical Address changes for any busing student. A change to a physical address can remove a child from their mapping software and they need to be manually moved / replaced. A specific identified challenge is that parents often will identify their physical address with a road name that does […]

Mail Merge FSA Labels

The linked document shows you how to extract info from MyEd and use a Mail Merge in MS Word to create FSA Labels. Creating FSA labels (PDF)