Change the visibility type on an assignment

For teachers in schools with Family Portal available the visibility type on the assignment determines whether parents and students can see anything about the assignment. To quickly change the type click on the icon in the column header in the scores side tab. You can also do this in the assignment side tab for a […]

Can a teacher see what parents/students see in Family Portal?

Teachers can’t see exactly the same thing that parents see in Family Portal but you can see pretty much everything they can just in a different location. There is a video of the family portal at that you can watch so you can see what the portal looks like. To see the Assignments and Attendance […]

Bus Students and Physical Address

Transportation needs to be aware of Physical Address changes for any busing student. A change to a physical address can remove a child from their mapping software and they need to be manually moved / replaced. A specific identified challenge is that parents often will identify their physical address with a road name that does […]

Mail Merge FSA Labels

The linked document shows you how to extract info from MyEd and use a Mail Merge in MS Word to create FSA Labels. Creating FSA labels (PDF)

Adding Flavours

Flavours allow schools to organize courses, name them and report differently. For Grade 10-12 courses keep in mind that the first seven characters are all that matters to the ministry in terms of trax and credits. If a student has multiple courses with the first seven characters with the course code matching they would only get […]

Using Send Email

The following linked document explains the Send Email function in MyEducation BC. Schools that have cleaned their contacts and use this method report that it is easier to maintain an email list for the school through MyEducation BC than through their web mail. Teachers no longer need to collect the emails of their parents […]

Use Analytics and Class History for Identifying Chronic Absenteeism

This blog post is coupled with a training session of the same name that is available to schools. The requirements to complete this task are Access to school view, Student TT, Attendance TT, Global TT Fundamentals – Filter, Sort, Query, Show Selected Running a saved Quick Report The end result of this process is pulling a report […]

Course Completion Date and Manual Transcripts

External credits or any manually created transcripts need to have the Completion Date set otherwise the credits will not show on the DVR as earned credits. We’ve created an SD60 DVR check in the field sets under Student TT > Transcript ST that shows several useful pieces of information for checking DVR issues including the CompletionDate […]

User Info for Computers and Learn60 Accounts

We’ve added a quick report for staff to generate needed info for students computer and learn60 accounts. Some minor interpretation needs to be done but this should be quite helpful for teachers getting kids into labs or Learn60 accounts. In the Staff View > Student Top Tab > teachers can select students if needed then […]

Entering Report Card Info for Withdrawn Students

The following link details how to enter report card info for a student that has withdrawn with the former school association checked.