Yellow highlight not disappearing – autosave not working

Please remember that if you are entering marks and the yellow highlight & “Saving, Please Wait…” notice do not disappear then the autosave hasn’t completed. Do not continue entering if the yellow highlight remains as it is not saving your work. I was able to replicate the behaviour in the image below by disconnecting my […]

SDTest Access for READ ONLY

During the Cohort 7 planned outage (Nov 6 @ 6pm MST until Nov 12 @ 8am MST) school users can access the SDTest Database for READ ONLY TASKS like looking up phone numbers or information on student demographics. Do not use SDTest for any attendance, course changes, marks, registration etc as it WILL NOT reflect […]

Printing Report Cards – Teachers

The linked document describes how teachers can print report cards

Sample K Report Card

I’ve created a sample K report card from the de-identified Training environment linked below. Sample K Report Card

Find Provincial Course Codes

To find open provincial course codes use the ministry course registry search at the link below. Use the Advanced Search linked below. Narrow the search results down by picking the grade, Course Status of Open (must be open to add it in MyEducation BC), and pick language of instruction.

Emergency Contact 11 – Mass Update

During conversion parents were brought in as emergency contact priority 11. We will mass update that along the following lines. Any contact listed as Mother with emergency contact priority 11 will be change to emergency priority 1. Any contact listed as Father with emergency contact priority 11 will be changed to emergency priority 2. Contacts […]

SOLVED Classes for Attendance/Gradebook not showing up in Pages Widget

In the case of converted records the solution is to resave the Schedule Terms in Schedule TT > Structure ST > Terms SST. Open each Term (FY, S1 etc) and resave it. Conversion anomaly!  We are aware that some teachers cannot see classes on the Pages TT in the Classes Meeting Today widget. We have […]

Editing A Field Set

In this video below of the training database (no real student data) I show you how you can copy and edit a pre-existing field set. In the example I show how to add usual names and aboriginal ancestry fields.